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ILLUMINATI, merely mentioning the Illuminati will be the reason behind discussion that is much. He tries to consider vengeance for what's happened between him and God before period starts thin only method he could fake God would be to ruin Their PEOPLE (US)hence he interefere inside the audio business and seized all the wealthy & most potent people on earth because he believes the only method to rule all Gods people is by using INCOME and STRENGTH.

The result was a '70s hard rock and punk fusion, not merely while in the music (detailed with removing solos and COWBELL), in the words, the appearance, the artwork etc. Their music is chaotic, , extremely diverse that is discordant, plus they and an extensive selection of types, sometimes all in the same track play with. The goal for the strategy of the band was summertime up by guitarist Jordan in a appointment with Swingset journal:.we wished to produce music that we dreamed could have been created if/when people attempted fast, heavy music while in the early '60s.

He attempts to take revenge for what has occurred between him and Lord before period begins so the only means he could mock God would be to destroy Their PEOPLE (US)thus he interefere in the audio business and captured lordivine100 all-the affluent and many effective people in the world because he believes the only path to tip all Gods people is to utilize INCOME and STRENGTH.